Design Build Approach

Wesely Thomas began using the Design/Build approach to build the highest quality projects in 1987. Our approach to Design Build is a proven method to produce the highest quality product at the lowest overall project cost. We have been members of the Design Build Institute of America since 1993. In 1995, Wesely Thomas received a leadership award from the Design Build Institute of America for educating owner groups across the country on how to set up and manage a successful Design/Build project.

Construction Management

Wesely Thomas provides a comprehensive set of services needed to plan and carry out any complex construction assignment. Working with the Design Team, Wesely Thomas makes certain that a cost-effective approach is developed and implemented. Our early analysis of the effects that materials, equipment, systems, and schedules will have on the overall time and cost of the project allows the Owner and the Design Team to make decisions consistent with the project goals.

Wesely Thomas provides exceptional customer service because we approach every project from the view of the Owner and their project goals. Constant communication between the Owner, Users, and the Design Team is crucial to the success of our projects. Our project personnel “say what they are going to do and they do what they say”.

Types of Services

Wesely Thomas offers a comprehensive range of services to our clients to assist in thoroughly analyzing and evaluating all aspects of the project and arrive at the best possible solution to deliver a complete project that meets or exceeds the project’s goals and objectives.

  • Pre-Construction Analysis

    Wesely Thomas can provide a complete analysis of the project from the earliest schematic plans looking at budget, feasibility, entitlement and approval milestones, and scheduling. We are committed to these analytics and are convinced these are fundamental steps necessary for a successful project.

  • Conceptual Budgeting

    Wesely Thomas has extensive experience in providing realistic conceptual budgeting that includes both historical costs and input from reliable subcontractor input. These realistic preliminary budgets are developed utilizing project goals, programming direction and building systems decisions to provide our clients with costs that can be used to make the right decisions early in the project development.

  • Value Engineering

    Wesely Thomas can provide value engineering related to cost savings, alternate materials or building systems, or scheduling adjustments to meet the stated project goals and budget requirements. These are offered in a team environment with all parties cooperating to determine the best options for the project.

  • Constructability Review

    Wesely Thomas can provide a thorough constructability review of the plans as they are being developed to assist the design team in preparing a complete set of plans and specification that reflect the design intent along with “real world” detailing and specifications.

  • Bidding

    Wesely Thomas solicits competitive bidding from every trade for all work on our projects. This methodology allows our clients to receive the best pricing for every aspect of the work, coupled with our management and supervision of the trades.

  • Construction Management

    Wesely Thomas is dedicated to providing the highest level of management and supervision of our construction projects. We utilized computer-based management and scheduling software to maintain accurate tracking of information and decision throughout the project. Wesely Thomas provides full-time dedicated staff to each project to maintain the excellence in construction and standard of service our clients have come to recognize and value on their projects.